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British Seeds 15-7-7 Fertilizer

British Seeds 15-7-7 Fertilizer

British Seeds 15-7-7 Evergreen Tree and Shrub Nutrition Fertilizer

It is a special fertilizer that is formulated according to all trees, shrubs, shrubs and coniferous plants (pine, fir, spruce, etc.) that can remain green forever and seasonally, and contains correct and sufficient nutrients for balanced growth.

Application: Use Tree & Shrub Food in spring and early summer. The best time to fertilize for evergreen plants is early spring. As long as the temperature is around +4 degrees, nutrients continue to be absorbed by the root. Plants supported with suitable and sufficient nutrients are resistant to environmental conditions.

Trees (pine, fir, spruce, etc.): 35 gr for each 2.5 cm of tree diameter. use fertilizer. Distribute the fertilizer evenly over the irrigation pit you dug and close. Example: 70 gr for a body diameter of 5 cm. fertilizer is used. Use twice the amount recommended for old trees.

Shrubs: 15 gr for every 30 cm height of the plant. use fertilizer. Distribute the fertilizer by drawing a circle under the tip extension of the furthest branch. Stay away from the main body of the bush. Make sure that the fertilizer is well mixed with the water and soil. Covering the plant base with materials such as dry leaves or straw will reduce water loss from the soil.

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