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Use Of Slow Released Fertilizer

Use Of Slow Released Fertilizer

The type of fertilizer recommended and accepted all over the world for feeding the grass are granule formulated slow released fertilizers. These types of fertilizers, by providing in grass plants healthy and strong root formation, crushing and abrasion resistance and high multiplying ability maintains a green and healthy lawn for long years. These types of fertilizers unlike synthetic fertilizers are obtained from natural resources, found in nature.

NPK ratios used, are for grass species, which can live healthy and have been especially formulated taking in consideration the physiological needs of the grass. For example NPK ratios like (18-24-12, 25-5-15, 29-3-4, 33-3-6) depending on application period. In addition, in their structures, are micro elements like Manganese (Mn),iron (Fe),zinc (Zn) and copper (Cu),which provide the grass plant darker green, preventing the algae in the soil and makes it healthy, durable and vibrant. One other important property is being slow released. Because the plant took up only the needed nutrients that the plant needs to grow makes the plant growth healthy. Fertilizers to be used for agricultural purposes (urea, ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, etc.)  may damage the grass plants with high probability and may cause groundwater contaminating and soil salinity.

Manure may only be used in the improvement of clay and inefficient soil structure. However, it does not contain enough elements to help to improvement of seed germination in a suitable manner and multiplying accordingly. Rarity in grass seed output is seen, showing a good growth and multiplying of the grass plant cannot shut down the entire area evenly. Animal manure fertilizers used while planting the seeds and after shooting may bear in their structure extremely suitable host elements. (Because they are retained within the mold mycelia of organic matter). In addition, this type of fertilizers formats underground habitats of insect form that will damage the plant roots. The most important of them is cutworm disease. Including grass, cutting the plant roots will cause extensive burns and baldness.

Another problem of animal manure is to carry inside weed seeds found within the host and to show itself is the proper living conditions. These weeds, carries space coating properties by pressing the grass plants in a short tim. As a result to have good output of the seed, create strong roots and to increase the multiplying, in the mortar soil phosphorous content lawn starter fertilizer (9-23-14 or 18-24-12) on the available lawn, in March-October months  mainly nitrogen slow released fertilizers (25-5-15 or 33-36) should be used. Slow released fertilizers with 10-15 g/m2 dose and min. every 3 month application will bring advantages to the user in terms of cost and labor.

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