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Royal 6M (6-Mix Grass Seed)

Royal 6M (6-Mix Grass Seed)

It is a grass seed that can be used widely in golf courses, sports fields, parks and villa gardens, perfectly adapting to the environmental conditions in all regions with irrigation possibilities.

It is a mixture that is resistant to wear and trampling, can remain green in summer and winter, is compatible with adverse environmental conditions, can be established quickly, has low maintenance cost thanks to its resistance to fungal diseases, underground root development and tillering is high, 6 various mixtures.

Royal 6M (6-Mix Grass Seed) Mixing Ratio

  • %20 Lolium perenne sp.
  • %20 Lolium perenne sp.
  • %10 Festuca arundinacea sp.
  • %20 Festuca rubra rubra sp. 
  • %20 Festuca rubra commutata sp.
  • %10 Poa pratensis sp.
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