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Frequently Asked Questions (Agricultural)

Frequently Asked Questions (Agricultural)

What is the difference between Doping and Doping Life?

Doping life is richer in organic matter content. It is recommended to use Doping Life in order to eliminate stress factors under stress conditions and to ensure the plant life functions in best way. Doping life can be used in any period of the plant briefly. Doping can be used long-term from plant seedling stage until the harvest period. In fruit period to be used for early maturity and harvest.

Can Cito-k be mixed with pesticides on top applications?

There is no wrong miscibility with other fungicides and insecticides except the copper-containing pesticides.

Why do Gold Special and Platinum froth in the fertilizer tank while melting?

The dissolution speed of fertilizers is very high due to HEPC named special chelate content. It froths as inside there are amino acid and sea weed supplements. As the dissolution in water so quickly, HEPC chelate reduces the surface tension of the soil-leaf in plants with organic additives and can be taken into the plant very easily.

Liquid calcium products like Calnex, Aminplus, Carbamid-B, in which period should they be applied firstly and which frequency?

The first application of calcium can be done during the seedling period and again when the first fruit formation occurs, the fruits have reached an average nut size, calcium application can be repeated. Liquid calcium can be applied on average by drip irrigation depending on period as 1-3l/da. Can be used as single in intervals of 15-20 days. 

Does Sachak has any other feature besides rooting ability?

Sachak shows very good effects with its content of 25% phosphorous and 4% zinc in formation of capillary roots and flower formation. Also in the content of amino acids is the biggest factor in to show the effects very quickly. Sachak’s positive effects are to be seen until harvest.

Cito-K is effective in getting fruit enlargement and colors. So can it color small fruits for example unripe tomatoes earlier?

No, Cito-K, primarily allows you to fill out the contents of the fruits to a certain size and to reach maturity. It ensures indirectly, a certain size, in the maturity period a fast color change of fruits and ensures more glossy fruit surface. If used with Doping together it will provide early maturity and extend the shelf life of fruits.

Is there any severity if Cito-COP will be foliar applied during blooming?

Cito-COP is a cupric solution and can be used on top applications depending on plant and period with a dose of 25-100 cc/100 l. If these does are not exceeded, negative effects were not seen even during blooming. It can be applied in foliar as well in drip applications on contest of bacterial diseases. It is a high effective amino acid chelated cupric solution.

Why is Cito-COP more successful than the other cupric prodcuts?

Because, Cito-COP is containing (approx.30%) high ration free amino acid and is additional chelated with HEPCA. In the event of a bacterial or fungal disease in plants, the plant come into stress and the nutrition slows down. As plants operating slows down the used pesticides will lose their efficiency. If you use Cito-COP the plant will get rid of stress and will continue with its nutrition, operating and responds to treatment quickly. Cito-COP is a product, which enables the plant’s recovering by itself. 

Evergreen Nanotech, despite less use of other fertilizers how come they are giving better results than?

The raw materials used in the production of Evergreen Nanotech are achieved by using special technologies and has a dispersion technology. Nanotech fertilizers, got in contact with water will be divided into thousands of small particles and adheres to soil or leaves. Then begins the release of particles, as with washing and evaporation losses do not occur effective results can be achieved even in small doses.

Can I use Evergreen Nanotech as foliar fertilizer?

Yes it can be used. Evergreen Nanotech is the fastest soluble fertilizer. Through organic fillers contained in the emitter will not need to use glue, can be confused with many pesticides (the secure way is testing). With the package of 25 lbs (11,34 kg) it is a very economic floliar fertilizer. Because of dispersion technology, adhered to the leaf surface, will provide an effective fed. Due to the high the content of amino acids and trace elements remove yellow discolorations on the leaves and will cause a brilliant view.

What is the feature of Premium brand liquid humic-fulvic acid fertilizer differing from other fertilizers?

Firstly it is separated by production techniques and raw materials from the others. For the production of Premium is high organic content Leonardit used. While Leonardit is transforming to liquid humic acid the production is carried in sequence through reactor, decanter and separator called machines. Leonardit is a mine getting out of the soil and contains many foreign materials. It is not enough settling of solid particles with the smashing method during the production. Pending foreign materials will collapse in a while and as about purity cannot be spoken they will be more harmful to soil than good. As in machines used in the production of premium totally cleared of foreign matter, the purity of the resulting product is very high, precipitate and freeze does not occur in any way. Can be used in any irrigation system securely.

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